Preliminary reporting with Marc Grossman, spokesperson for the Cesar Chavez foundation.

Early morning west of Phoenix, where fields spread out, around, and in between houses, roads, highways, airports, and sand and cactus. Farming began maybe a thousand years ago or more in this valley, at least as far back as the Hohokam people who first built canals that still serve Phoenix today.

It’s difficult to imagine, then, that the home of ancient farmers, and the birth- and death-place of Cesar Chavez, co-founder of the United Farm Workers Union, boasts so few members. But times have changed some of the important elements of the time in the 60’s when Chavez and others were striking, boycotting, organizing and collectively bargaining for equitable pay, safe working conditions, and respect.

-Reporter Danny Smitherman

Arizona Farming: Phoenix’s West Valley and the UFW


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